webcheck - a web comparision tool


webcheck -s Static URL -d Dynamic URL [ -t time ] [ -m mail addr ] [ -bg ]


webcheck uses MD5 digests to compare two web pages and determine if they are exactly the same. The static and dynamic pages may be identical to detect changes to a page as well. In daemon mode, when a change is detected webcheck will send an email message to the specified address if the -m flag is used.


-s static URL

This URL should be expected to NOT change (at all). An MD5 sum of the page is taken to be compared against.

-d dynamic URL

This URL is the one you would like to check against the static URL to either see if the pages are the same. When the static and dynamic URLs are set to the same address (ideally with the -bg option set) webcheck acts as a Tripwire for web pages and can help to prevent/quickly identify web page defacement.

-t time

This is the number of seconds the script should wait between checks. It is esssentially useless witout the -bg option.

-m mail address

e-mail address of the person who should receive notification if the check fails. This will work in command line and daemon mode.

-bg daemon mode

webcheck will fork to the background and run as a daemon.

-h standard help


Requires the MD5, Mail::Send, LWP::UserAgent, Getopt::Long and POSIX modules.


Matt Studley <>


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.